Eight outfit picking tips plus some do’s and don’ts to help you look like *insert adjective(s) of your choice* (I personally like sophisticated badass as my adjectives) during your engagement session.

Tip #1: Bring two outfits!
As they say, variety is the spice of life. But really, it just gives you another option, and to me, two options is never a bad thing. I suggest doing one more casual look and more a bit more dressy!

Tip #2: Incorporate props and things you both love.
From jerseys (like these cuties below in the Atlanta Braves shirts) to skate boards to guitars to even your favorite converses and a car if you’re adventurous roadtrippers! What’s something that brings the two of you closer and connected? Whatever that may be, incorporate it into your engagement session! Gone are the days of posing stiffly against a studio backdrop; now is the time for authenticity and fun sessions that speak to who you are as a couple. Live it up and bring that prop!

Tip #3: Coordinate, but not match.
In the 90s, it was alllll about the matching clothes for photoshoots, but we’re no longer in that phase of dress (thank god). So skip the matchy-matchy white tops and navy blue bottoms for something a little more unique. What I love about what the couple below is wearing is that both outfits convey cohesion with one another but still adding their own personal touch. The pink flowers from her romper go so well with the pink in his shirt without being totally the same look. Sticking with complementary hues without getting too alike is the aim.

Tip # 4: When in doubt, just wear black.
Black never goes out of style, seriously. And whether it’s black pants and a dress shirt or a little black dress, allllllll of it looks chic and classic and never ages. So if you’re struggling, pull out that LBD and get ready to Zoolander the shit outta your session!

big bend texas couples photo shoot

Tip #5: Big patterns.
Something you may not even think about is the pattern of what you’re wearing. If it’s a tiny pattern, it most likely will photograph a little wonky – seriously. And that in turn will make the photo look like it’s moving (not in a cool Harry Potter way, more like in a “I just got off a rollercoaster and think I’m going to be sick” way – not good). So aim for larger patterns like the flowers below in her dress, big stripes over small ones, simple designs rather than cluttered, etc. Bigger is better.

Tip # 6: Layers/Accessories.
Layers are especially great for cold climates (duh) but also give a little more variety for your photos. Accessories like hats, scarves, belts, statement jewelry, cardigans, sunglasses, etc. can definitely enhance your outfit and give it a fabulously polished look! Just make sure to layer and accessorize appropriately for the season!

Tip # 7: Bold solids.
This is definitely my favorite – I will always choose colorful over neutral (some photographers will disagree, it’s all just a personal preference). Some colors that photograph really well are fun yellows, dark greens, vibrant reds, rusty oranges, and deep blues.

Tip #8: Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in!
If you want to feel like the best you there is for your engagement shoot, definitely pick clothes that make you feel like a confident badass. And honestly, that outfit could totally fall into the “Don’t” category of this piece – and that’s okay! As long as you feel amazing, that’s really all that matters! All I would suggest to think about further is asking yourself is this an outfit I can move around in? If I sit will my pants rise too much or my dress bunch up in an annoying way? You don’t want to be distracted by whatever limitations of your clothes. Wearing something easy and effortless will allow you to truly enjoy your time during your engagement session.

Some don’ts to think about:
– Don’t have large logos (or writing in general, unless wearing jerseys etc.) on your attire.
– Small patterns on clothes don’t usually photograph well, which is why I mention large patterns in tip #5!
– Wearing shoes that don’t match the environment we’re shooting in. Eg: wearing heels on the beach – that just sounds hard AF.
– Don’t wear clothes that have something you want photoshopped out of the photo – many photographers know how to use photoshop but it might not be how they normally edit photos and may charge extra for item removal.
– Don’t wear anything you will constantly be adjusting or messing with (see tip #8).

A do to think about:
– Do ask your photographer for advice if you’re still struggling with what to wear. We will be able to give you a different perspective and imagine what you’re wearing in the environment we’re shooting at to see how well it works.

Happy choosing, lovebirds!


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