As of 2023, Heather Higginson Photography will no longer be taking clients in the US. Merci beaucoup!

Really. Like sometimes even annoyingly so. But I just can't seem to help myself. I adore romantic comedies (About Time is my all time favorite!), I read all of Jane Austen's books yearly (Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth are the *GOAT*), and cry every time I rewatch Jim and Pam's wedding.

So it only made sense that at 28 years old, after years working in the restaurant industry even though I have a degree from Auburn University in Creative Writing (so obviously a professional restaurateur lol), that I wasn't feeling "it." I love serving others, I love talking and laughing and connecting with people, but I also knew restaurants were not my calling.

And so, I took a chance on myself and enrolled at the Austin School of Photography. It was there that it clicked. It was there that I knew I needed to combine my obsession with love, my creativity, and my desire to connect deeply with others to finally pursue my calling: wedding photography. And I'm so freaking happy I did. In the years since then, my love has never wavered, and won't even if my hands cripple up and my knees no longer bend. I love love - I just can't help myself.

I am an LGBTQ advocate and ally. I'm compassionate for all people from all walks of life. I welcome Northerners, Southerners; the colorful and the colorless; bibliophiles, beatniks, bigwigs, and the befuddled; and always the wondrously weird. So come at me all you weirdos! Lemme photograph the crap outta you!

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More About Me

Obsessed with 80s music

Enneagram 4w3

Pizza, pizza, and 
more pizza

Lived in Paris and Copenhagen 

2012 Americorps NCCC alum

2015 worked at
Yellowstone National Park

The Office, Schitt's Creek, Brooklyn 99, The Good Place

7 tattoos
and counting